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7 Signs Your Spouse Is Preparing for Divorce (& It’s Time to Call a Lawyer)

30,Aug,2016 No Comments
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Knowing the red flags associated with a spouse preparing to file for divorce can help you take action ASAP to start your own preparations – and put the groundwork in place to protect your interests moving forward.

Here are some of the top signs that a partner is likely preparing for divorce:

  1. Your spouse’s mail stops coming to your home – When bank statements, bills and other important mail suddenly stops arriving at your home, it’s quite possible that a partner has set a P.O. Box or made plans to have this mail be delivered to an office (i.e., somewhere you won’t be able to see or intercept it).
  2. Your spouse starts talking losing money or business being bad – Talking about financial problems, pay cuts, business being slow, etc. can all be ways of trying to set the framework for claiming limit obligations for support payments (in a future divorce case). In some situations, partners may go so far as to request that an employer hold onto some pay (like commissions or bonuses, for instance) until after the divorce (so it will appear as though (s)he is earning less).
  3. Your spouse puts you on a budget and wants a detailed accounting of your spending – When this kind of oversight seems to come out of nowhere, the increased sensitivity or anxiety about money can be a red flag that a partner is focused on the division of marital property (and doesn’t want you to be overspending or letting his/her share of this property go).
  4. Money starts mysteriously disappearing – When savings and/or checking account balances start dropping (or contributions to shared accounts are reduced or halted), that can be a sign that a partner has set up a different account where (s)he is amassing funds to pay for a lawyer, try to maintain as separate property, etc.
  5. Credit card balances skyrocket or get maxed out – Running up the marital debt right before divorce can be a tactic to try to limit a partner’s ability to pay for a lawyer later.
  6. Marital assets are being juggled around – When certain assets start getting shifted to new owners – or when a partner seems to making very generous gifts or loans (like to family or close friends), this can be another way of trying to retain some assets and keep them out of the marital estate.
  7. Your spouse starts using divorce-related language – New vocabulary, like equalization payment, can reveal that a partner has met with a lawyer and is already taking steps to prepare for divorce.

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