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Common Mistakes Made During a Colorado Divorce

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Colorado Divorce
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Divorces can be contentious and emotional as both sides battle to get as much as possible, and that can have a devastating effect on any children that are involved in the process.

And because of this conflict, there are common mistakes made during a Colorado divorce that can make things even more difficult.

We think it’s important for you to know these mistakes, so that you can avoid them and increase the chances of getting what you deserve in a divorce.

Mistakes To Avoid In a Colorado Divorce 

Some of the common mistakes to avoid when you are going through a Colorado divorce include:

  • Failing To Obtain Financial Documents – Before filing for a divorce, you should make sure that you have copies of all important financial documents that will come into play on issues such as spousal maintenance and child support. Some spouses try to hide assets before a divorce to lessen their future financial burden.
  • Refusing To Undergo Mediation – Many couples that are fighting over major issues in a divorce refuse to involve a mediator, a neutral third party who can help encourage compromise. In doing so, these couples place themselves at the mercy of a judge who may not give them what they would have gotten if they had gone through mediation.
  • Giving In To Emotions – While it’s true that divorces can bring out strong emotions, couples that give in to those emotions can cause irreparable harm to any children involved in the process, and endanger their chances of obtaining a fair resolution. Avoid speaking badly about your soon-to-be-former spouse to your children, and refrain from expressing anger and bitterness during negotiations. This gives you a better chance of achieving a solution that satisfies all parties.
  • Shielding Marital Assets – One of the worst things you can do is attempting to hide some marital assets during a divorce. This often occurs in high asset divorces in which there is a lot of valuable property involved. Always be honest about all the assets acquired in your marriage, and you can avoid the possibility of fraud charges as well as avoid the wrath of a judge who catches you in a lie. 

Protecting Your Rights 

If you are going through a contested divorce, you will need the steady hand of an experienced family lawyer. Contested divorces often end up in court, with both sides presenting evidence to a judge about the claims they are making. Without a lawyer who knows exactly how to frame your case so that you can achieve the best results, you may end up losing a lot more than you anticipated after the divorce is finalized. That’s why the law office of Kinnaird & Kinnaird, P.C. is the firm you can trust for personalized representation from lawyers who have spent decades building a successful track record. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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