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The Value of An Expert Witness In a Personal Injury Claim

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Personal Injury Lawyers
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Some personal injury cases rely on testimony from an expert witness that can help a judge or a jury understand why a piece of evidence is so crucial to understanding fault.

Personal Injury LawyersIn a civil case, there are many types of witnesses that claimants and defendants can call to help bolster their case, including character witnesses, alibi witnesses, and rebuttal witnesses.

But expert witnesses are distinct from these other types of witnesses, because they are specialists in their field, people who have earned credibility through rigorous training, education and experience.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using an expert witness, and how can these professionals can enhance your personal injury claim.

The Benefits of Using An Expert Witness In Personal Injury Claims 

Some of the common advantages claimants gain from using an expert witness include:

  • Experience With Similar Cases – An expert witness has worked on similar cases in the past, which means that he or she has developed the skills to delivery testimony in a way that a judge or jury will easily understand. That experience is important, because reducing complex concepts into something that anyone can understand is vital in personal injury claims like medical malpractice and product defects.
  • Discovering New Evidence – Expert witnesses can also help a claimant unearth new evidence, or point out a detail that may have been missed. For example, an expert in accident reconstruction, could find new details in the photos and videos of the accident scene that further prove the defendant was at fault in the collision.
  • Help Quantify Damages – Many personal injury claims become contentious when the issue of damages rears its head. This is especially true if your lawyer has been able to prove liability on the defendant’s part, but there is disagreement about the extent of the damages you suffered. This is a great time to bring in an expert witness to confirm the damages you suffered in the accident or event that caused your injury. For example, if you suffered economic harm due to fraud, an expert witness specializing in damages resulting from business fraud can quantify your loss using statistics, accounting and future projections of profit.

Don’t forget, however, that for all the benefits that expert witnesses can provide for claimants, they can also provide benefits for defendants as well. The advantages cuts both ways, so you will often see the defense present its own expert witness to counter the testimony of the expert who helped your case.

Experience Counts In Personal Injury Claims 

Knowing what type of expert witness to use in a personal injury claim can be the difference between winning a large settlement and losing a case because a judge or a jury didn’t believe in the credibility of that witness. And the selection of the right witness is the responsibility of a personal injury attorney colorado springs who has had years of experience obtaining testimony from an expert. That’s why the law firm you choose to handle your claim is so important.

Our attorneys at Kinnaird & Kinnaird, P.C. have a cumulative 40 years of experience, and a lengthy track record of success in personal injury claims. Our personal involvement in each case, and attention to detail make us the ideal representatives to help you achieve your goal. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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